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About Achieve Life

At Achieve Life we believe that individual occupational therapy should be more than a weekly meet up with the client and a five minute side conversation as an "update".  We believe in a collaborative and concrete process that focuses on long term results related to our client's goals.  We want to work with our clients, their families, and their  community supports in order to achieve the best outcomes possible.  Therefore, we have created a unique service that pairs personalized service  with the collaboration already incorporated into the process.   Our mission is to be an active part of the progress, not a weekly drop in.  Progress takes time dedication, and it is our guarantee that we will be there every step of the way.  In working with us, you will receive:

Package Based Intervention

Individualized Sessions
Monthly consultations
Texting / email options
Individualized Client Portal

Evidence Based Approach

Cognitive Orientation to Daily Occupational Performance (CO–OP) Approach
Client identified goals
Ongoing team collaboration
Meaningful daily life outcomes

Executive Function Focus

Self Awareness
Inhibition / Impulse Control
Working Memory
Emotional Development / Motivation Development
Goal Development

A Different Look at Executive Function Intervnetion

 Utilizing our education in both physical and neurological development, occupational therapists harness a unique ability to truly understand a client from a "whole person" perspective.  This is a necessity no matter if you are a teen or an adult.  In life we deal with so many changes physically, emotionally, and cognitively, that if we are not looking at the whole person, we are not seeing the big picture.
  At Achieve Life, we are attempting to  redefine executive function intervention. Rather than basing our intervention purely on a coaching platform, it is our aim to prioritize understanding our clients based on their values, their interests, their abilities, an their goals.  From there we provide a comprehensive program that helps connect those attributes to create concrete, intervention plan.  We do not believe in cookie cutter goals or standards.  This is not your "identify an organizer" or "set some alarms" approach.  As each of our clients is an individual, so are their therapeutic paths.
Our intervention method is derived from an evidence based model (Cognitive Orientation to Daily Occupational Performance Approach)that focuses on the development of the clients self awareness, progression in specific skills, and carryover / collaboration throughout their natural environments.  We want our clients and their families to be the leaders in identifying what their expectations are for the future.  We do not want them being told what their options are, because in our opinion our clients develop their own expectations, they do not rely on another person's options.

Packages for Individual sessions


  • 10x60 minute individual sessions
  • 3x 30 minute consultations
  • 48 hour response to email or texts


10x60 minute individual sessions

  • 3x 45 minute consultations
  • 24 hour response to email or texts
  • Customized Online Platform
  • Weekly home programming guidance


  • Everything in previous packages plus:
  • 3x 60 minute consultations
  • same day response to email or texts



Here's How it Works


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