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Empowering Teens and Young Adults Through Executive Function Intervention

At Achieve Life OT, we specialize in guiding teens through their transition into responsible adulthood. Whether it is transition to college, vocational opportunties, or community living, our executive function intervention goes beyond standard coaching by offering a comprehensive approach that blends functional and cognitive skill development.

Understanding the Teen Brain
We approach executive function with a developmental perspective, recognizing the unique brain changes occurring during these formative years. Understanding that everyone matures at their own pace, we tailor our interventions to align with each individual's current abilities and the obstacles they face.

Our Personalized Intervention Approach
Our process begins with a thorough evaluation to identify each client's strengths and obstacles in executive functioning. We view this development as a progression – starting from self-awareness, leading up to occupational achievement in key life areas such as education, work, social activities, daily living, and rest.


Young Adult EF ladder (3)

Areas of Focus